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Laura Ashley Lamp Review

Laura Ashley Lamp Rating: Laura Ashley lamps & lighting set the ambience in a room. If your lamp base, floor lamp or chandelier stuns your guests, consider it a success! Whether you’re looking to create a cozy mood or a feeling of bright spaciousness, the Laura Ashley lighting collection offers options for all. […]

Stiffel Lamps Review

Stiffel Lamps Rating: Unfortunately it is difficult to rate Stiffel because they stopped making this classic American brand around 2005. Its too bad because Stiffel lamps date back to 1932. Perhaps we know them best as makers of quality home fixtures with intricate designs. Stiffel lamps usually sport a variety […]

Crystal Clear Lamps Review

Crystal Clear Lamps rating: Unfortunately, Crystal Clear has stopped making their trademark lamps, although we hope to see them back on the market soon. Crystal Clear Lighting made great lighting fixtures because they placed a lot of emphasis on details, giving each product a unique sense of character. While they also produce lighting for […]

Dolan Designs Lighting Review

Dolan Designs Review: When we think about Dolan Light Fixtures, we immediately recall the clean styling and simple, linear designs that are Dolan trademarks.    I guess Patrick Dolan stays true to his west coast roots and keep it organic and simple.  We like that Mr. Dolan is very “hands-on” and gets personally involved in styling decisions.  We like […]

Stein World Lamp Review

Stein World Lamps Rating: The Stein World Company is a dedicated maker of quality home fixtures with a creative taste for art. They have been in the industry for over 50 years now, but are still continuingly “expanding their horizons”. Home accent and occasional furniture is their “bread and butter” but they […]

Artcraft Lighting Review

Artcraft Lighting Rating: Artcraft Lighting prides itself on quality craftsmanship more than anything. Established 56 years ago by Albert Cohen and Samuel Bernstein, Artcraft has great collection pieces that range from traditional lighting to more contemporary styles. While there is certainly a difference between traditional and contemporary lighting collections, Artcraft’s pieces were mostly designed for […]

Nova Lamps Review

Nova Lamps Rating: Nothing spells versatility better than Nova Lamps’ products. Founded in 1923, the company aims to create lighting fixtures designed to suit a variety of needs and settings. With a rapidly growing collection of products, people the world over appreciate Nova Lamps’ flexibility, in terms of both design and functionality. Their products […]

Lite Source Lighting Review

Lite Source Rating: Lite Source is a modern hedgehog: it knows its strengths and does one thing very well. LiteSource makes high-fashion contemporary lamps for the masses. “Cheap-Chic” is how we would describe them. Their distinguished taste in design make Lite Source lamps an interesting addition to your illumination at home. We have seen Lite […]

Uttermost Lighting Review

Uttermost Lighting Rating: Inspired by a sweeping bible verse (Acts1:8), Uttermost Company is a family owned business still striving for lofty heights. Mac Cooper (President/CEO) and a creative management team, continue to impress with world-class design. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Uttermost gets lots of compliments. Uttermost values commitment and dedication […]

Dale Tiffany Review

Dale Tiffany Rating: Dale Tiffany led the Tiffany revival of the 80’s, so we have always thought of them as our leading vendor for tiffany lighting. I guess if you put tiffany in your name, you are showing your commitment to it ;-). We find their craftsmanship and attention to detail to be exceptional, which […]