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Laura Ashley Lamp Review

Laura Ashley Lamp Rating: Laura Ashley lamps & lighting set the ambience in a room. If your lamp base, floor lamp or chandelier stuns your guests, consider it a success! Whether you’re looking to create a cozy mood or a feeling of bright spaciousness, the Laura Ashley lighting collection offers options for all. […]

Stiffel Lamps Review

Stiffel Lamps Rating: Unfortunately it is difficult to rate Stiffel because they stopped making this classic American brand around 2005. Its too bad because Stiffel lamps date back to 1932. Perhaps we know them best as makers of quality home fixtures with intricate designs. Stiffel lamps usually sport a variety […]

Maxim Lighting Review

The Maxim Story: Maxim is a lighting company from Southern California that offers a wide variety of top quality lighting fixtures for different lifestyles. Their products range from bathroom lights to wall sconces and chandeliers, ceiling pendants, mini pendants and outdoor lighting. For almost 4 decades now, brothers Jacob and Zvi Sperling have maintained the […]

Capital Lighting Review

Capital Lighting Rating: Southern Charm at its best. There’s no doubt that Capital Lighting has established itself as one of the leading names in the lighting industry. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, this family-owned enterprise is known for their immense variety of unique lighting styles. Keeping customers satisfied for years, Capital Lighting offers design that […]

Crystal Clear Lamps Review

Crystal Clear Lamps rating: Unfortunately, Crystal Clear has stopped making their trademark lamps, although we hope to see them back on the market soon. Crystal Clear Lighting made great lighting fixtures because they placed a lot of emphasis on details, giving each product a unique sense of character. While they also produce lighting for […]

James Moder Lighting Review

James Moder Lighting Rating: Clearly the best. James Moder Lighting Company is probably best known as one of the premier sources of crystal chandeliers worldwide. Named after its founder James Moder, this company is serious about their craft. I guess anyone bold enough to name the company after them must really […]

Fredrick Ramond Lighting Rating

Fredrick Ramond Lighting Rating: When we talk about Fredrick Ramond, we speak of high-end fixtures that are well-designed. Their lighting comes in a wide range of finishes that will suit your high end taste. From the classic look of antique bronze to black chrome to black iron to batik to Spanish gold […]

Dolan Designs Lighting Review

Dolan Designs Review: When we think about Dolan Light Fixtures, we immediately recall the clean styling and simple, linear designs that are Dolan trademarks.    I guess Patrick Dolan stays true to his west coast roots and keep it organic and simple.  We like that Mr. Dolan is very “hands-on” and gets personally involved in styling decisions.  We like […]

Kichler Lighting Review

Kichler Lighting Rating: Are you someone who demands the best? Think Kichler. Kichler Lighting is a proud winner of four “Lighting Manufacturer of the Year” awards, which is the highest achievement the lighting industry can give. Kichler is the “Cadillac” or “Lexus” of lighting. Kichler keeps their designs fresh, original, and with excellent standards to […]

E.L.K. Lighting Review

The E.L.K. Rating: In 1983, Adolf Ebenstein, Jonathan Lesko and Russell King, three recognized pillars in the industry known for their dedication to innovative, creative and quality products decided to collaborate. They called this collaboration E. L. K., a merge of their family names. From majestic chandeliers to elegant pendants, E.L.K. is one of […]